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3677 tube types and over 125,000 vacuum tubes in stock
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Over 125,000 vacuum tubes in stock -

1 word : 12AX7, 5652, ECC801, 300B, KT88                             
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Welcome to dBtubes Thursday 23 October 2014


Current audio, European and US military, HF, VHF and UHF radio, TV, and antique, dating back to 1928; something for everyone. Busy sorting a container of NOS tubes just arrived, details coming soon --------------

New in box vacuum tubes
NOS : New Old Stock electron tubes are in original manufacturer's boxes, box condition may vary.

Various CV469 / 6489 / EA76 NOS Vacuum TubeRaytheon 5836-RYN NOS Vacuum TubeGeneral Electric 6SK7WA-JAN-GEL NOS Vacuum TubePhilips EF51-PLP-MWT NOS Vacuum TubeGeneral Electric 6201-5STAR / 12AT7-GEL 3MICA NOS Vacuum TubeGeneral Electric 12AT7-GEL NOS Vacuum TubeVisseaux 1H5GT / VT233-VSX METAL BASE NOS Vacuum TubeRadio Corporation of America (RCA) 6F5-BRE Matched pair NOS Vacuum TubeNew in box (NOS) Vacuum Tubes

New bulk tubes
NB : New Bulk vacuum tubes are manufacturer's new unboxed tubes, as supplied to manufacturers of radio and communications equipment.

General Electric (GE) 5896-GEL Vacuum TubeSylvania 12AX7-GR.PL-SYN Vacuum TubeToshiba 12BY7A GR.PL-TSB Vacuum TubePhilips EC80 / 6Q4 GOLD PIN-PLP Vacuum TubeMicron 6CG8A-MRN Vacuum TubeRogers 5U4GB-BL.PL-RGR Vacuum TubeSylvania 6189W-JAN-SYN Vacuum TubeBrimar CV138 / EF91 / 6AM6-BMR Vacuum TubeNOS unboxed Tubes (NB) Vacuum Tubes

Used tested tubes
UT : Used Tested radio tubes are individually tested good on our Amplitrex AT-1000, Hickok 6000A, Simpson I-177B dynamic mutual conductance tube or valve testers, or AN/USM-3A emission tester.

Radio Corporation of America 12AU7-BL.PL-RCA Vacuum TubeGeneral Electric (GE) 6SN7GTB-BL.PL-GEL Vacuum TubeRadio Corporation of America (RCA) 5751-JAN-BL.PL-RCA Vacuum TubeGeneral Electric 5Y3GT-GEL Vacuum TubeMullard EL91 / 6AM5-MLD Vacuum TubeVarious VR53 / CV1053 / ARP34 Vacuum TubeRadio Corporation of America 5R4GY-RCA Vacuum TubeRaytheon 12AT7-JAN-RYN Vacuum TubeUsed Vacuum Tubes

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