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Welcome to dBtubes Saterday 06 February 2016

Manufacturer : Telefunken Tube type : EF804 DIAMOND BASE TFK

NOS = New Old Stock (New in box)   NB = New Bulk    UT = Used Tested

Worldwide shipping fees only $4 per tube!
EF804 DIAMOND BASE TFK Telefunken made in Germany
Tube type              : EF804 DIAMOND BASE TFK
Manufacturer (1)  : Telefunken
Manufacturer (2)  : N/A
Country                  : Germany

Function   : Pentode
Base         : 9-pin «noval» miniature

Description (minimum order 20$
Best EF804 / EF 804 on the market, pentode audio frequency - Telefunken with diamond base made in Germany, Ulm factory. Only few tubes in stock in pristine condition with original box.

NOS Telefunken EF804 DIAMOND BASE TFK (9-pin «noval» Pentode) made in Germany. New in box (NIB). Match pair available. Worldwide shipping only 4$ per tube (See fees and conditions)

New in box

$129 US
(per tube)

Used tested
! Only 1 tube(s) in stock

$49 US
(per tube)

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Country of origin - Made in Germany

1 - Telefunken

         Testing, conditions and shipping more info »»
  • Minimum order 20$. Usually ships within 48hrs (business day).
  • Tube matching (matching +$4.00) is accomplished by Amplitrex AT-1000.
  • Standard test guarantees proper tube function and each tube is tested prior to shipping to the client (included in price).

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